Our Farmer’s Market Trip…

So, this morning we happened to be up a little early, and I had heard that Lewisville had a Farmer’s Market, so I figured what the heck… I should give it a try…

Well, it was really small, like only two vendors that had produce small but other than that it was pretty okay. We ended up getting some pretty good produce, onions, tomatoes, and some yummy Texas Peaches. There was also a Gulf Coast Shrimp Guy there, so I figured I would splurge and bring the husband home some fresh shrimp.

I am going to try out the Coppell Farmer’s Market next weekend, and I hear they have local meats! The Lewisville one wasn’t necessarily BAD, it just wasn’t a plethora of goodness like I had hoped for! Stay tuned to ready more about the Coppell Farmer’s Market!

A little green here, a little green there…

Okay, so I found the cutest ever facebook app today! It is all about showing people how green you are in your real life with your facebook!

You get to start out as a big bad hummer smashing flowers, but the idea is you end as a cute little eco-friendly car with all sorts of happiness!

So, I say get on over there, start reviewing eco-friendly products and show your friends that you have chosen to be all the green you can be!

Green My Ride

The website that brought you Green My Ride: Huddler.

Kind of All Over the place…

I still haven’t come up with my super awesome plan for getting my family to go green. It isn’t because I don’t have one, but it is because I don’t know how to make it cost effective, manageable and feasible for my family. You see, if I make things too difficult, then I will not complete the task, and if I make things too easy, then it is like there never was a task to begin with. Maybe I just need to break it down and work it out. Food seems to be where I am focusing right now, so maybe I just need to settle in with food and work from there.

So, step one… food.

Okay, I can do that. :)

Sprouts was a spud…

Okay okay clever kitschy titles aside… I was completely unimpressed with the Sprouts Grocery Store. When I did my internet research yesterday, a couple of different websites pointed me there, I was promised fresher produce and organic goodies galore. I didn’t really find either of these. I have a fabulous Kroger though, so I think maybe I need to figure out how to use the awesome meat from Sprouts with the yummy goodies from my grocery store. I have to say, going green is tough, but I seem to be doing okay so far.

Spent the morning researching…

Okay, I think I am really interested to learn more about earing locally. I like food and I am reading some really great things about eating locally. So I spent a lot of time researching, and discovered that there is a wealth of local food in the DFW metroplex. I mean, I assumed there was, what with us being all yaay farm around here and all, but was surprised to see just how much there really was. The problem I am facing is that a lot of the local markets don’t open until April, and it happens to be Feburary here… maybe I should make that a step I plan on taking in the near future when it will be a little easier to get started.

Maybe step one should be recycling. I know my city has a program… I just need to give them a call.

Going Green

Okay, so I keep reading so much stuff about “going green” apparently it is the thing to do now days, and I have to say, it isn’t all that bad of an idea. So, I have decided I would like to see my family get a little more green. I don’t want this to cost an arm and a leg, and I don’t want it to consume my life, but I do want to try to do something for the environment. So, I guess I am saying I would like to make a major life change without it actually making any changes in my life. heh.

Okay, the first plan is simple. I am going to start by researching just what it means to take my family green, and I plan to have an action plan by the end of the week. Today is Monday, so that shouldn’t be too hard to do, right? By Friday I will have an overall scope of how I am going to take my family green. Yeah, I can do that. :)

Now, a little about me. I am a stay at home mom to the most wonderful two year old I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is totally awesome, and I want to do this for her. I want to see her eating healthier, spending more time outside, and just generally living a more peaceful life. I know that it will be difficult to change so many of my habits, but if I start her now, then these habits will just be a part of her every day living. And, to me that is totally worth it.

A few ideas I am throwing around to add to my action plan are.

Eating Locally
Changing out the Light Bulbs
Getting Involved in City Wide Recycling
Eating Organically (This goes with eating locally, but I feel like this just might be a very daunting project.)
Using Less Electricity
Doing something good for the Earth

I will have it all worked out by Friday though! Thanks for reading with me on this exciting adventure to make my family just a little bit greener!