46 Cent Diesel Fuel

Does anyone have any more information on the 46 cent diesel fuel thing I’ve seen going around?

From their web site:

DSE has developed a revolutionary method for producing an inexpensive, high performance fuel that can power ANY DIESEL ENGINE and the cost to you is only *46¢ per gallon! That means over $3+ savings for EVERY gallon of our fuel you use!

You have NOT heard of this before. This is an entirely new way in America to make your own fuel from fry oils that takes only minutes. It can be used as a 100% replacement for petrol diesel fuel OR as a fuel offset by using it with petrol diesel fuel in any percentage you desire. DSE fuel and petrol diesel fuel are perfectly compatible.

I’d like a bit of feedback on what these guys are doing. Comments are appreciated.

One thought on “46 Cent Diesel Fuel”

  1. They’re doing “blending” – mixing used fryer oil with unleaded gas to thin it down.

    I’ve been doing it for about 9 months now…. very good results…. but hard to get the used oil clean enough.

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