Alternative Fuels No Longer Alternative

So, I’ve been noticing an upward trend in the number of articles related to alternative fuels lately. I’m picking up on bits and pieces of information from everyday conversation, from the TV, the radio, internet etc. Maybe it’s because I now run an alternative fuels blog and am establishing myself as an authority on the subject and have become hyper-aware of the subject matter around me. There might be some truth in that, but I think it’s more likely that momentum on the topic is building (which is why I started this blog in the first place). What tipped the scale for me just recently is my new obsession with social networking sites like where users vote the most interesting/informative sites to the top of the list. Lately I’ve seen a definite upswing in the number of alternative fuel articles at the top of the charts which for me says to watch for the trend.

For example: Right now, is showing 3 of 7 articles under the Science|Environment section that directly relate to alternative fuels sources for vehicles. I also particularly like the 7th result which is an article about the rising popularity of environmentalism ;)

Digg results for alternative fuels

I highly recommend sites like digg, not only because of the neat articles and resources they make available to you, but also to increase your general awareness of emerging trends like this one for biofuel. Use it to pick stocks, buy real estate, whatever.

I really feel like something is on the horizon here. Not to metion that the National Fuel Index has diesel pegged at a solid $2.90/gallon (and if you read my earlier post on the weight and cost of vegetable oil you’ll remember that I predicted $3/gallon gasoline within the year).

This week when you fill up, keep in mind that the cost of diesel vs. vegetable oil from your local grocery store start to come to a head right around the $3 to $4 mark and keep your ear to the ground for the eco-grumblings.