Change Your Driving Habits – Drive Less

This post is part of a series of articles intended to address some of the popular methods DieselEarth readers have suggested to address the rising costs of driving on petroleum-based fuels.

Gas prices are sky high (over $3 in Texas for regular). So how is this affecting peoples’ driving habits? Some of the DieselEarth readers have written in with their plans to combat high gas prices, and I’d like to address some of the more popular answers:

Change Your Driving Habits – Drive Less

This is actually one of my favorite suggestions. Although the reader who wrote in meant it as a suggestion for going out less and taking fewer driving vacations, I think it should be taken further than that. In this day and age of technological communication, why are we still driving to work?

A few months before I quit my job to become a web publisher I had conversation with my boss and asked him why I came to the office everyday. I didn’t interact with customers, 95% of my work effort was done at a computer terminal, and the infrastructure for at least partial telecommunication was already in place. He didn’t really have a good answer for me.

I believe that as our capacity for communication increases with technology, we’ll start to see more individuals producing out of their homes and avoiding the high overhead costs (in both time and money) of commuting to work. This in its own right will become (at least in my mind) an alternative solution to the energy problems we’re facing.

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