Convert your Car to Run on Vegetable Oil

A quick summary on how to convert your current vehicle to run on vegetable oil.

In order to use vegetable oil as a fuel, you need to make some minor changes to a vehicles fuel delivery system. It’s a do-it-yourself project if you like to tinker, or you can have a mechanic do it. You need to:

  • Add an extra tank (in your trunk or truck bed) to hold the vegetable oil and to heat it (via the radiator) to lower the viscosity.

  • Run a separate, heated fuel line to the engine.
  • Install a solenoid switch so you can switch between fuel sources.
  • Add a separate fuel gauge and toggle switch in the dashboard. The switch is necessary so you can run your engine on petrol-diesel during startup and in the last few minutes of driving to purge the fuel system of vegetable oil.

Here’s a more thorough vegetable oil conversion tutorial.