Demand for Older Mercedes on the Rise

Something I’ve been dealing with as I car shop is the rising demad for older model Mercedes (the ones that run well on biodiesel and vegetable oil). It looks like the Herald Sun came to the same conclusion with their article Biodiesel fuels demand for older Mercedes diesels.

This just about says it all:

“The cars are all being bought locally and resold locally,” said Meinhold, owner of Euro-Spec Automotive Service Center Inc. in Fletcher. “But the people that are buying them are using biodiesel. The people who are selling them were not.”

This is further reinforced by the fact that there is only one Mercedes for sale on ebay within a 200 mile radius of my zip code! I’m thinking I better act on this pretty quick. With fuel prices climbing toward $3.00 in Texas, vegetable oil from the store is going to have a very competitive price tag soon. I’m on the lookout for a jump to over $3 by the end of July (and maybe for a time following the long Fourth of July weekend).

Check out prices in your part of the country with the national fuel index.