Talking About Whirrled Peas

From guest author Jamie H., owner of

I had two friends in this weekend from out of state, and as we were driving down the highway one of them noticed an oil derrick on the side of the road. She had never seen one before, and she asked what it did. I told her right now nothing, but when things got a little more sketchy over in the middle east we would see these moving all over the state. Then I got to thinking about it, and I can honestly say that is when I always get a little panicked about the state of the middle east. I worry about it when the oil derricks start bobbing up and down. But, until then, everything is just fine.

Then I started thinking about vegetable oil fueled cars, and I started wondering…could vegetable oil be the answer to world peace? I mean, if we start using vegetable oil, then we stop having wars over crude oil. So, basically, with something as simple as vegetable oil, we could solve all the world’s problems… there would be more money for schools because we would be spending less money on defense. We could use all the money spent on importing oil to support the farmers. This is a great plan for the farmers! We would need more vegetables to produce more vegetable oil, so they would have more work. We could put all the money spent in protecting the oil into making the farmland more profitable and better to farm. We could even take the top notch scientist working on military defense and start them to work on how to produce better and more profitable crops.

I know what you are thinking here. This woman is crazy. She doesn’t know what she is talking about, and maybe I don’t have a clue. I just know I would personally love to see the United States use the resources we have available to us instead of running around strong arming everyone else into giving us their stuff. Let’s stop beating up other countries and stealing their lunch money! If we spent half the time actually developing this fuel that we spend on defense projects and research, then we would have a fully developed fuel right now for far more than just cars!

I am a mom, and I am not necessarily worried about my daughter’s generation, or even her daughter’s generation, but what about the one after that? What are they going to do? We need to start working now so that those kids have a better place to live. Vegetable oil could provide us with a great start. We would have cleaner air, less fighting, and we wouldn’t be tapping the earth and draining it dry!

We would no longer be reliant on the middle east and their oil. We could bring things back home where they belong. America would worry about their own oil problem, and let everyone else worry about theirs. Sure, the oil tycoons will be a little sad, and let’s face it… they will stop my little plan dead in its tracks before it ever gets off the ground, but I think I may really be on to something here. Vegetable oil is the equivalent of world peace. Or should I say world peas?

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