Vegetable Oil Fuel is Illegal

A few things to consider before installing your own vegetable oil conversion kit:

According the Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) operating a vehicle with a non-approved fuel delivery system is a violation of Federal regulations. Although the EPA has never prosecuted anyone for operating a vehicle powered by vegetable oil, the regulations in 40CFR state that alternative fuel systems must be approved by the EPA in passenger cars and light trucks before they can be used on-road.

In addition, before installing a veggie fuel conversion kit, consider that alternatively fueled vehicles are subject to state emission requirements as well as Federal regulations which may prohibit the use of vegetable oil as a fuel source. California residents should take extra precautions as their laws are the most stringent.

A primary consideration for the EPA in aftermarket alternative fuel conversions is that they must not interfere with existing OBD II systems on a vehicle.

OBD II systems are required to monitor

  • Engine misfires
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Evaporative leaks
  • Other emission-related power train components that might impact emissions

Biodiesel (also known as B100, B20, etc.), as opposed to pure vegetable oil, is approved for use in motor vehicles by the EPA. It seems the sticking point for pure vegetable oil is the delivery system, simply because no one has applied for and been approved to sell a secondary fuel source conversion kit for vegetable oil.

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