Run Your Car on Water

Has anyone else seen the run your car on water thing? This thing looks like a total scam and it makes me sad. People hocking ebooks for $50 or more promising that you’ll be able to run your car on water. Here’s the breakdown as I see it.

  • True – An internal combustion engine can be run on hydrogen. In fact, you can pump it straight into the carburetor unmodified until it backfires!
  • True – hydrogen can be “made” from water. We all know this. Think back to high-school chemistry.
  • False – A system exists that can convert large enough amounts of hydrogen to fuel your auto that is reliable, inexpensive, and efficient. While you CAN put together a system to do it on a very small scale (like enough to fill a ping pong ball), you can’t make it in large enough quantities to drive to work!

Hope you weren’t getting too excited. The theory is sound, but it seems like the bulk of the internet would rather exploit it for cash than try and explore its possibilities.

From a quick search on “run your car on water”. FYI – I’m not arguing against any of these site specifically. They just came up first in the search.

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Water Car Run on WATER+Fuel. Hydrogen Save Gas=FREE ENERGY!

One thought on “Run Your Car on Water”

  1. Actually, if done properly, these devices work. I have one installed on my van and know of another person who is getting between 30-50% mileage gain. I did a test and the hydrogen coming out of my system was filling a balloon to about the size of a cantaloupe in about 1-2 minutes. Hung it over a candle… and BOOM!!! Freakin’ Loud!! There are also more hydrogen on demand companies popping up on the internet.

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