Still going strong!~

Okay, so I know I haven’t written for a little while, but I Have been working on this!

I bought the whole family the water bottles, and a fancy water filter, and it is working.  One of the nice side benefits of drinking the filtered water is that there aren’t half empty bottles of water all over my house… and my kid can’t pour the water out of her new bottles the same as she can with the store bought ones!

My next green step I think is to get those cloth bags at the grocery store.  They have pink ones at my kroger now, so I was thinking I should get those, but the bags are just so expensive!  I wish going green didn’t have to cost SO much money.  Maybe there is somewhere online that I can go to get some cheaper grocery bags.  I feel guilty every time I use those other bags, so I know it is the right thing to do, but I just hate to throw down that kind of cash when I am already spending 200 bucks on food!

Speaking of food prices, have you heard about the price of wheat flour going up?  This could effect everything, but for now, it sure as heck effects my sweet sweet bagels!